Sunday, November 13, 2011

40 Worst Things About Black Bike Week

"The worst thing about Black Bike Week?"

Big Shout out to Terrance Upshur for starting a Post on the Black Bike Week Group.

Here are 40 Of the Worst Things About Black Bike Week

Jion the Group is here:

1. Traffic

2. Traveling with the wrong people...know who you're bringing cuz they can ruin a trip!!!!!

3.Too heavy police presence.

4. Dudes trying to ride a woman on their bike for the first time!!!

5. The drive down...and the ocean blvd traffic and the cops.

6. All those dumb ass cars!!!!

7. Buffets running out of crab legs...lmbo

8. Thieves!!!!!!!!!!!!

9. Missing it!

10. Prostitutes!!!

Met a scallywag, she was all on me, so I rushed her back to the spot, then she gonna say "u know u gotta pay, right? " ssssshhhhhhheeeeeettttt( in my clay davis voice)

11. Having to ride my bike slow!!!

12. Women wearing outfits 10 times too small

13. Men who's 5 months pregnant with man boobs. Cops taking their jobs too serious.

14. Worst thing is running out of greenery, and dem dam thieves.

15. People that dont know how to have fun without hating on someone else!

16. Waiting at the gas tank to put gas in my bike

17. Leaving and going back home!!!!

18. Cops, Whores, and Traffic.....

19. Them cats who be taking people money playing that "find the ball" hit fa $300....ughhhhh

20. Brothers who won't relax and enjoy the weekend, instead i gotta bail friends out of jail.

21. Idiots!! They were

22. When people come down with no place to stay and try to crash at your spot for free.......and eat all your damn food

23. 15 hour drive each way

24. Sold out hotels

25. Getting down and something messing up on your bike...have your bike checked well before you get on the road so you don't get hit over the shops or not have a bike to ride...bring tools and know someone who knows about bikes!!!!!

26. The worst thing about BBW is that it only lasts a couple days : ( wish it was longer!

27. People asking for money......

28. ugly girls asking for rides on my bike.

29. Prostitutes posing as huggers...

30. Mothers trying to hangout with her daughter and friends... Lol

31. The very worst part of it is leaving cause it's over. The shit go by way too quick.

32. Cell phone coverage costing me pussy!

33. Sprint dont workk

34. Broke ass leeches or how ever u spell it and

35. Last minute riders

36. Getting up that last monday morning knowing you have to go back to the real world.

37. Walmart runnin outta shit like a hurricane coming

38. Loud folks at the hotel whn im tryna sleep my hangover off

39. Ugly men feeling they entitled to pussy

40. Dirty old ass men


  1. I personally hate the traffic, bad road conditions and bad weather.

  2. I would say the traffic, biking with the wrong people and biking slowly.


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