Sunday, February 27, 2011

What not to bring to Black Bike Week

What not to bring to the Beach with you.

  1. Sand, Plenty of it already there
  2. Nasty Attitudes - Take Your ass to Miami
  3. Drugs - Police have check points
  4. Broke bike - Shops will be either closed or Over priced, service before you come
  5. Hot Bikes - 50 will be hunting for you, and they check plates of parked bikes
  6. Credit cards - Don't go into debt for BBW, and places sometime double charge on purpose hoping you was too drunk to remember.
  7. Multiple Cars - Parkings a bitch, if you can group ride, also consider bike shipping and a plane ticket
  8. Drama/Beef/Gangs - We all get along. leave the drama, beef and Gangs and Colors shit at home
  9. Broke Friends n Family - You want to show them how much fun it is, but it wont be if they broke
  10. Helmet -  No need for those this year
Things you def want to bring:
  1. Bike - If you ride bring
  2. Camera - a picture is worth a thousand word, but a bbw video is worth a million
  3. 2 Changes of clothes a day
  4. Cash - 20s, 10s, 5s, 1s
  5. Lock - secure you shit at all times
  6. Laptop - Log in to get the latest info while at the beach, and back up your pictures and videos
  7. Radio - Hotels got cheap Clock Radios, get a ipod/iphone external speaker hook up
  8. Your own towel - a Full room and people will use up the towels "floor mats, dry hand, guest using them, etc" don't be stuck towel less or using someone dirty towel"
  9. Protect - Condoms you may not be planning on it, but if it happens it better to have one
  10. ICE - Phone number saved in your phone that stands for In case of Emergency just in case something happens and people need to call.

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