Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Strip Baby!!

The Strip

What is it?
4 to 5 Miles  road right on the Ocean.  it's where everyone hangs at.  People ride, drive, and walk up and down the street all day and night.

It's like a big un-organized street festival.

On the street you can find places to eat

  • Pizza Joint on 9th Ave
  • Sub spot across from Bay view
  • Boardwalk fries
  • etc

Places to shop

  • Sunglasses, hat, fake tattoos, beach wear, and odds and ends 

3 night clubs
  1. Myst
  2. Exception
  3. Tunnel 
Some Amusement Park style rides, arcades, haunted house, a few bars, and more.

Where is the Strip?

South Ocean Blvd between "16th Ave S and 1st Ave S" and on North Ocean Blvd between "1st Ave N North and 38th Ave N".

it goes a little bit further on both sides, but it's pretty dead.  The main area are in about a 2 mile long distance so you can walking it in about 1 hours.

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  1. The video was straight, but outside the females... 98% of the video showed cars/trucks... Personally, that's the sad part because it's taking away the whole meaning of "BIKE" week...


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