Wednesday, January 26, 2011

10 Ghetto Rules of Black Bike Week

10 Black Bike Week Ghetto Rules.

1. No Sand to the Beach! 
This ain't a couple vacations, come alone, and come single "at least for the weekend".
2. What happens on the Beach Stays on the Beach?
Don't be going home snitching on who did who or what, and don’t be nagging your beach friends!
2. Use Nicknames. If your name Jerome, when you hit the beach your name is J.
It’s about anonymous partying not governments names.
4. Bring protection, the freak come to Black Bike Week, not the church choir
 Guys AND Girls, not everything stays at the beach so strap up.
5.No Wifing at the Beach "give me 20 dollars"
Just because you gave her a ride, food, drank, smoke don't mean you own her!
6. No Husband at the Beach!
Just because you gave him some at the beach don't mean you own him!
7. Drink what you can handle!
Get to drunk and you could wake up embarrassed.
8. If ain't got no bike you probably aint going to get no p**!
Get your license and get a bike or borrow a friends bike, or bring some pay to play money.
9. If you fat, busted, or got a nasty attitude you ain't getting no rides.
Get on a diet, get some gear, and fix your attitude or buy you own damn bike!
10. If you’re Broke stay home!
Bank up your cash, and hunt for deals early, ain't no Dollar store Bike Week, stay home and go to a free cook out LOL.

Hey if yall got a ghetto rule for Black Bike Week Post it in the comment below "you can post anonymously"!

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