Monday, January 31, 2011

Black Bike Week Bus Trips

Bike Week Party Bus

Live in the VA Area and want to ride a Party bus to Black Bike Week?

Check out

Party Bus leaving from VA and Riding down I95.

Packages include:
Hotel Room.

Package starting as low as $200 per person.

For more details check out
or call Tim at 757-514-1359 or 757-310-7345

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Black Bike Week Dos and Don'ts Part 3


1. If u are married and want to stay married after BBW, don't bring a untested single friend that knows your spouse. They have nothing to lose and you have everything to lose. Loose lips sink ships. All it takes is 1 bad photograph, or a slip of the tongue and you got a lot of explaining to do.

2. If you have decided to pay for the room on your own and then decide to bring a broke friend remember that is a big responsibility if you want them to hang with u. Restaurant food, club money, gas money for their bike, alcohol @ ur room, food @ ur room. Your expenses have just doubled. They won't be able to do everything that you do, and will probably spoil your time @BBW. Best thing, if they don't have the money for the room by Tax day(4/15), it's probably a good idea to leave them at home.

3. If your friend hasn't had any experience riding a bike on the highway and/or doesn't have a motorcycle license or has a learner's permit. You may want to help them to get their license/experience on the road before coming to BBW. If they crash, or go to jail, your weekend just got ruined.

4. If you don't have enough money to afford your trip, don't be trying to ball out on credit. Paying for your trip with credit will make you regret it later.  Look into cheaper options.

5. If you are not sure about the crew you're rolling with, do go with-out them. People are friendly on the beach, you can always make new friend while you're down there riding solo.


1. Save money early, and often. the more you save the more fun you can have. Pay for you hotel in advance so the only expense you will have is "gas, club if you want, drinks, food".

2. Get to know people who are going before you arrive.  Join the Facebook group, or Black Bike Week .com website and get to know people.  More people you know the better you weekend will be.

3. Take 30 minutes to a hour and Google maps the roads.  Find places you want to go ahead of time and learn the major streets "HWY 17, North Ocean Blvd, South Ocean Blvd, etc".

4. Bring enough damn clothes "that include draws". It get's hot in Myrtle Beach in May.  Taking 3 showers a day is normal, so have a few extra set's of clothes and underwear to change into.

Need YOUR INPUT !! If you got some Dos or Don'ts Add them to the comment box below "you don't have login or use your real name"

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

10 Ghetto Rules of Black Bike Week

10 Black Bike Week Ghetto Rules.

1. No Sand to the Beach! 
This ain't a couple vacations, come alone, and come single "at least for the weekend".
2. What happens on the Beach Stays on the Beach?
Don't be going home snitching on who did who or what, and don’t be nagging your beach friends!
2. Use Nicknames. If your name Jerome, when you hit the beach your name is J.
It’s about anonymous partying not governments names.
4. Bring protection, the freak come to Black Bike Week, not the church choir
 Guys AND Girls, not everything stays at the beach so strap up.
5.No Wifing at the Beach "give me 20 dollars"
Just because you gave her a ride, food, drank, smoke don't mean you own her!
6. No Husband at the Beach!
Just because you gave him some at the beach don't mean you own him!
7. Drink what you can handle!
Get to drunk and you could wake up embarrassed.
8. If ain't got no bike you probably aint going to get no p**!
Get your license and get a bike or borrow a friends bike, or bring some pay to play money.
9. If you fat, busted, or got a nasty attitude you ain't getting no rides.
Get on a diet, get some gear, and fix your attitude or buy you own damn bike!
10. If you’re Broke stay home!
Bank up your cash, and hunt for deals early, ain't no Dollar store Bike Week, stay home and go to a free cook out LOL.

Hey if yall got a ghetto rule for Black Bike Week Post it in the comment below "you can post anonymously"!

Biker Friendly Resorts and Hotels

It is very very important to find a hotel that is Biker Friendly, but it's also important to find a company "or Realty company" that is Black Bike Week Friendly.

A lot of company will and have been gladly accepting our money for years, but they have never liked Black Bike Week, they gladly take our money and support efforts to switch up the tourism and replace Black Bike Week with more golfers.

Be careful what Realitly companies and hotels you partongage during Black Bike Week 2011.

There are a lot of Companies people swear by, but ask your self this? Where were these companies when the Myrtle Beach government was going to ban us.  Matter of fact some of these companies beleive the Myrtle Beach hype about their Black Bike Week replacement "Myrtle Beach May Fest"  and proudly promoted that event in place of Black Bike Week.

When that event Failed Miserably and Black Bike Week Continued, they are trying to hop back on Black Bike Weeks' dicks.

Don't give them cats your money. Spend your money with business that support us, and not use our own money to fight against us.

To rent a house at a company that support Black Bike Week check out Booe Realty or Book you hotels through IHS Advantage.

Stand for businesses that stand for us, and let the other fall during Black Bike Week 2011

Video Camera Dos and Don't for Black Bike Week

Some tips to get good footage while at Black Bike Week

1.Get a camera with zoom.

2.Make sure you aint video taping a dude in drag.

3.Get the whole view "don't just zoom in on ass".

4.Keep the camera steady or get a camera with stead shot.

5.Zoom out before you start looking around.

6.Make sure she is off age before you put her on camera doing something wild.

7.If your uploading to Youtube cut out the bull shit parts "no body want to see the concrete of the strip, and add some music in the back ground "use Windows Movie maker, it's free".

8.Don't be scared to get close or to zoom " See something nice, get close".

9.Cut out all the talking, nobody want to see you or here you talk gansta shit, just show the girls/cars/bikes!

10.If someone taping, get the fuck out the way. "don't be blocking peoples shots".

11.Leave the cell phone camera in your pocket, Get a real man camera.

12.Don't be stalking a girl, video tape her walking by, don't be following here for 20 minutes.

13.If she don't want to be on camera, video tape anyway LOL "naw just wait an another fine ass girl who will be happy to be on camera will come by.

12.Focus on one nice thing at a time. There is going to be so many thing to video tape that the footage will look confusing ass shit and you probably wont get what you wanted.  Do 1-2 minute focus, zoom in, the zoom out look away, and catch something else.

13.When you ain't video taping put the camera in standby, and if you going to upload to the internet cut our the video of the ground, brushes and shit.

14.Get an extra battery, and keep it with you. "don't miss good footage cause the battery died".

15.Charge the battery when you go back to the room.

14. Ladies if you dressing sexy you will get video taped. Acting like you don't want to be taped will only get you tape even more and call bad names in the back ground.

What to expect each day during Black Bike Week

The event is 3 days long  "or 4 depending on how you make".

But what to expect during  those days?

Best days to stay are:

Thursday to Monday.

Arrive Thruday Night, leave Monday morning.

Thursday is prep day
Arrive, get your shit together, pick up last minute supplies, and maybe get some riding in, then hit a bars or Strip club "or hotel party if you know people".

Friday is lose your got damn mind day!
Friday is when everyone arrives and just wants to wild the fuck out! Rider are touching down and jumping straight on their bike and riding out. Girls and guys flock to the strip.

Intermission:  people leave the strip, go back to hotels to shower and get ready for Friday Night.

Friday Night is Strip Night 
Ride up the down the strip "or walk", Hit a club, then go back to the strip or maybe a hotel party. Getting drunk all night, and staying up till 8am the next morning!

Saturday Morning is recovery / Then Get it in even harder at night.
Recover Saturday morning, try to get some sleep, restock supplies, do some extra tourist shit, get some riding in.

Saturday Night is get loose night!
Saturday is when everybody is everywhere, and doing everything. If you ain't having a good time it's because you probably locked up LOL.
The Strip is ultra packed, The BikerFest is ultra packed, any club you want to go to is filled to capacity, and the parking lots outside of the clubs are packed.  Saturday is not a good night be at a hotel unless there is a party going on.

Sunday is reminisce and chill day
Recover during the morning from all the shit you did the night before.
Ride or walk the strip a bit, hit some stores up

Sunday Night is Last Call!
Sunday night people hit up hotel parties, get together with people they met during the weekend, and enjoy relaxing low impact parties. People don't wild out to much "except for the people staying till Tuesday".

Monday is get the fuck out of dodge day!
Recover, pack, and wait in traffic for hours while reminiscing and hiding evidence LOL.

Welcome to Black Bike Week Blog

Getting ready for Black Bike Week 2011?  Me too!

With this blog i plan to give tips, trick, etc to help you make your trip a success.

If you need questions answered concerning hotel, booking, parties, the laws, etc just hit me up, and i will do my best to answer them.

Also if you need info about what to do, where to stay, what no to do, hit me up also.

Looking forward to sharing some valuable info over the next 4 months to help everyone have a great Black Bike Week 2011