Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Black Bike Week #FAIL

Black Bike Week 2012 #Fail  "contributed by members"

  1. Wearing a 2 piece with 5 pieces of meat hanging out = #bbw_fail
  2. Being a dude on a scooter no matter your weight #bbw_fail
  3. Fat girls wearing tights #bbw_fail
  4. Dragging your child with u there#bbw_fail
  5. Dudes wearing tights #bbw_fail
  6. Wearing sandals with black ass feet #bbw_fail
  7. Going out there with a helmet and no bike #bbw_fail
  8. Walkin the strip with a 24 month bathing suit #bbw_fail get ur size
  9. Wearing heels/sandals that are to small. #bbw_fail!!
  10. Shorts with dirty socks #bbw_fail.
  11. Not using a condom #bbw_fail!!!!!
  12. Wearin bikin with ur string hangin out the crotch #bbw_fail
  13. Keep push starting your bike #bbw_fail
  14. thinking you own them after 1 night = #bbw_fail
  15. Not respecting others #bbw_fail
  16. Being on ur period BIG #bbw_fail
  17. Females jumping on guys bikes they don't know # #bbw_fail 
  18. Going out there with a helmet that cost more than ur bike #bbw_fail
  19. Rocking the same outfit Sunday that you had on Friday #bbw_fail << I do this every year LOL
  20. bringing a busted ass bike aka hoop ride #bbw_fail 
  21. P*ssy stanking but u still wanna gap ya legs open n dance crazy****Major #bbw_fail
  22. Being a guy and riding another guy on your bike #bbw_fail
  23. Bringing sand to the beach= #bbw_fail
  24. Borrowing someone elses bike tryna stunt= #bbw_fail
  25. Stalling out on your bike in front of a large crowd= #bbw_fail
  26. Sleeping on your car......and can't hold your liquor = #bbw_fail
  27. Chics hatin on the next chic = #bbw_fail
  28. No money.....begging = #bbw_fail
  29. Going down there wit no hotel reservations...# #bbw_fail #soldouteverywhere
  30. Teeth F*cked up and breath stank = #bbw_fail
  31. Not going to myrtle beach u dumb ass = #bbw_fail
  32. Bringing your hating ass homegirl #bbw_fail
  33. If u 200 or more pounds wearing Some FISHNETS. #bbw_fail
  34. Wearing some busted up ones and a dirty wife beater #bbw_fail
  35. If you 60lbs in a 2peice or some baggy a$$ tights! #bbw_fail
  36. ‎10 deep in corolla with no air #bbw_fail
  37. Me not being able to go= #bbw_fail :(
  38. Bringing ur children= #bbw_fail
  39. Niggas in skinny jeans # #bbw_fail
  40. Niggas wearin FAKE jordans and girls wearin Jordan and air force 1 pumps #bbw_fail
  41. letting broke people play tagalong at the last minuet #supa#bbw_fail
  42. having the nerve to get on the back of a bike knowing your weave isn't tied #bbw_fail 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Air Jordan's Riots! Is it really that Serious??

I like rocking a pair of fresh shoes, and I coped a couple pairs of Jordan's back in the day, but Seriously!

All This for a pair of shoes??

Tearing up a mall, fighting, getting ghetto over a pair of $200 Jordan's?

I'm not a hater, but they don't even look that good, and half of them kids to young to even really know about Jordan.

What's going on people?

Here is a video of one of the riots

What do you think??

Sunday, November 13, 2011

40 Worst Things About Black Bike Week

"The worst thing about Black Bike Week?"

Big Shout out to Terrance Upshur for starting a Post on the Black Bike Week Group.

Here are 40 Of the Worst Things About Black Bike Week

Jion the Group is here:

1. Traffic

2. Traveling with the wrong people...know who you're bringing cuz they can ruin a trip!!!!!

3.Too heavy police presence.

4. Dudes trying to ride a woman on their bike for the first time!!!

5. The drive down...and the ocean blvd traffic and the cops.

6. All those dumb ass cars!!!!

7. Buffets running out of crab legs...lmbo

8. Thieves!!!!!!!!!!!!

9. Missing it!

10. Prostitutes!!!

Met a scallywag, she was all on me, so I rushed her back to the spot, then she gonna say "u know u gotta pay, right? " ssssshhhhhhheeeeeettttt( in my clay davis voice)

11. Having to ride my bike slow!!!

12. Women wearing outfits 10 times too small

13. Men who's 5 months pregnant with man boobs. Cops taking their jobs too serious.

14. Worst thing is running out of greenery, and dem dam thieves.

15. People that dont know how to have fun without hating on someone else!

16. Waiting at the gas tank to put gas in my bike

17. Leaving and going back home!!!!

18. Cops, Whores, and Traffic.....

19. Them cats who be taking people money playing that "find the ball" hit fa $300....ughhhhh

20. Brothers who won't relax and enjoy the weekend, instead i gotta bail friends out of jail.

21. Idiots!! They were

22. When people come down with no place to stay and try to crash at your spot for free.......and eat all your damn food

23. 15 hour drive each way

24. Sold out hotels

25. Getting down and something messing up on your bike...have your bike checked well before you get on the road so you don't get hit over the shops or not have a bike to ride...bring tools and know someone who knows about bikes!!!!!

26. The worst thing about BBW is that it only lasts a couple days : ( wish it was longer!

27. People asking for money......

28. ugly girls asking for rides on my bike.

29. Prostitutes posing as huggers...

30. Mothers trying to hangout with her daughter and friends... Lol

31. The very worst part of it is leaving cause it's over. The shit go by way too quick.

32. Cell phone coverage costing me pussy!

33. Sprint dont workk

34. Broke ass leeches or how ever u spell it and

35. Last minute riders

36. Getting up that last monday morning knowing you have to go back to the real world.

37. Walmart runnin outta shit like a hurricane coming

38. Loud folks at the hotel whn im tryna sleep my hangover off

39. Ugly men feeling they entitled to pussy

40. Dirty old ass men

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fake Black Bike Week Groups on Facebook

First let me set the record straight.

The Official black Bike Week groups on Facebook is called Black Bike Week - The Original Source.  If you on another group, you're in the wrong place.

Some people got jealous of the success of the group, and were mad because admins where making money, created a copy cat group, started pulling people out of it, and started hating.

It was just plain on jealously and envy.

Nothing related to Black Bike Week is connected to that group, and that group isn't doing shit for Black Bike Week, they just want to be bosses.  Don't waste your time.

The group is Called The Black Bike Week Experience.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Strip Baby!!

The Strip

What is it?
4 to 5 Miles  road right on the Ocean.  it's where everyone hangs at.  People ride, drive, and walk up and down the street all day and night.

It's like a big un-organized street festival.

On the street you can find places to eat

  • Pizza Joint on 9th Ave
  • Sub spot across from Bay view
  • Boardwalk fries
  • etc

Places to shop

  • Sunglasses, hat, fake tattoos, beach wear, and odds and ends 

3 night clubs
  1. Myst
  2. Exception
  3. Tunnel 
Some Amusement Park style rides, arcades, haunted house, a few bars, and more.

Where is the Strip?

South Ocean Blvd between "16th Ave S and 1st Ave S" and on North Ocean Blvd between "1st Ave N North and 38th Ave N".

it goes a little bit further on both sides, but it's pretty dead.  The main area are in about a 2 mile long distance so you can walking it in about 1 hours.

The Party Hotels at Black Bike Week

Here are the True Party Hotel in the North and the South.

these spots straight up Jump.  

Put 1000's of people in a hotel out of town, add drinks, and you got club Bike Week.

Order from Livest to Live

  1. Bayview  
  2. Baywatch
  3. Avista
  4. Captains Quarters
  5. Landmark

Those are the livest party Hotels in North and South Myrtle Beach.

What not to bring to Black Bike Week

What not to bring to the Beach with you.

  1. Sand, Plenty of it already there
  2. Nasty Attitudes - Take Your ass to Miami
  3. Drugs - Police have check points
  4. Broke bike - Shops will be either closed or Over priced, service before you come
  5. Hot Bikes - 50 will be hunting for you, and they check plates of parked bikes
  6. Credit cards - Don't go into debt for BBW, and places sometime double charge on purpose hoping you was too drunk to remember.
  7. Multiple Cars - Parkings a bitch, if you can group ride, also consider bike shipping and a plane ticket
  8. Drama/Beef/Gangs - We all get along. leave the drama, beef and Gangs and Colors shit at home
  9. Broke Friends n Family - You want to show them how much fun it is, but it wont be if they broke
  10. Helmet -  No need for those this year
Things you def want to bring:
  1. Bike - If you ride bring
  2. Camera - a picture is worth a thousand word, but a bbw video is worth a million
  3. 2 Changes of clothes a day
  4. Cash - 20s, 10s, 5s, 1s
  5. Lock - secure you shit at all times
  6. Laptop - Log in to get the latest info while at the beach, and back up your pictures and videos
  7. Radio - Hotels got cheap Clock Radios, get a ipod/iphone external speaker hook up
  8. Your own towel - a Full room and people will use up the towels "floor mats, dry hand, guest using them, etc" don't be stuck towel less or using someone dirty towel"
  9. Protect - Condoms you may not be planning on it, but if it happens it better to have one
  10. ICE - Phone number saved in your phone that stands for In case of Emergency just in case something happens and people need to call.